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Taming Our Alligators

We all have alligators of varying strengths, some bigger than others. Just like in the swamp, one really big alligator can affect the behavior of all the others.

Alligators you say? What are you referring to here? All I have is a pet cat!

I’m talking about those things in life that feed your self-esteem, the things that you can either have working for you or working against you. A bad alligator feeds fear and keeps you from taking steps to move forward, and from becoming a better person. They lead you to hide your weaknesses which in turn become bigger than your strengths. On the other hand a good alligator can stir your spirit, enabling you to find the muscle to look at the mirror and say “I’ve had enough!” Choosing to stand up for yourself and fighting back builds the momentum you need to reinforce positive thoughts.

You will never be rewarded with a better life until you are ready to fight back for a better you!

Most of us already know what to do, or at least where to get started. It’s buried within our...


The Essentials of Work/Life Balance

Every day thousands of hard-working Americans struggle to over achieve in the business world, and at the same time maintain the resemblance of a personal life. This is especially challenging when businesses across the country are getting leaner, and requiring more and more from the employees they retain.

So what is the formula for maintaining balance and not having any drop off in any area of our busy lives? It can certainly feel overwhelming, and it’s not getting any easier as demand for your time can only increase as you get older.

Believe it or not, there are individuals who spend a lot of time analyzing this very question. The consensus is that managing this with small steps can really make a difference and set the tone for a successful result.

First and foremost, and a statement of the obvious, you want to put things in a doable order from the most important to the least important. Without this starting point there is no balance or plan of action.

It really boils down to holding...


How to Unlock Your Hidden Prosperity!

What is the key element behind achieving success and life enrichment?

This is a question that all the average “Joe’s” have asked forever. How do the most successful people get to where they are? Is it because they just inherited their success, and their parents passed along this secret formula for achieving all the finer things in life? Maybe they got lucky and won the lottery, or perhaps they discovered buried pirate treasure while snorkeling! I mean seriously this is a question that has come up more than once, whether in casual conversation, or in private thoughts.

Well guess what? You’re in luck!

I’m going to share with you a very important lesson. Actually it’s more of a choice, but it can radically transform your life on all fronts. It’s a simple quality that at first glance seems rather insignificant, and certainly not life-changing.

Yet, its application is life-changing!

By implementing its principles, your life and the life of those...