How to Unlock Your Hidden Prosperity

How to Unlock Your Hidden Prosperity!

What is the key element behind achieving success and life enrichment?

This is a question that all the average “Joe’s” have asked forever. How do the most successful people get to where they are? Is it because they just inherited their success, and their parents passed along this secret formula for achieving all the finer things in life? Maybe they got lucky and won the lottery, or perhaps they discovered buried pirate treasure while snorkeling! I mean seriously this is a question that has come up more than once, whether in casual conversation, or in private thoughts.

Well guess what? You’re in luck!

I’m going to share with you a very important lesson. Actually it’s more of a choice, but it can radically transform your life on all fronts. It’s a simple quality that at first glance seems rather insignificant, and certainly not life-changing.

Yet, its application is life-changing!

By implementing its principles, your life and the life of those closest to you will do nothing but trend upward! You’ll be in a position to not only reap the rewards you seek for yourself, but you’ll also be in a position to mentor others and change lives! So what am I’m talking about here? What is this life altering quality that will transform my existence? Well, it’s simply this;

Become an eager and attentive learner.

Yep, that’s right, and as I mentioned, it is a choice. By that I mean you choose whether or not you want to awaken the internal part of you that yearns for knowledge and insight, or whether you’d rather take things as they come and hope you get dealt a good hand. If you choose to awaken the eager learner, ask yourself this; what experiences have you had in life that shaped you into the person you are now? Obviously you learned something from them…..or did you? How many of these experiences lay dormant? Could they be brought back to life to learn more from?

If you want success, and the life improvement that can transform everyone around you, then being an eager and attentive learner just flat out isn’t an option. However, accomplishing that isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. With all the distractions going on today, like social media, smart phone abuse (my own term of endearment), television, and whatever else, it really is tough to focus on what matters. That is the challenge! This is why it takes a conscious effort to manage our endeavors. It’s finding the keys to unlocking inner potential that brings the desired results! It will allow you the ability to improve upon yourself, cultivate qualities that matter, and push those out where they can touch somebody else’s life!

There are 5 steps that will help you become a more complete and attentive learner. I’m going to share these with you because if you follow them as a blueprint, it will make dealing with those incessant distractions that much easier.

Step Number One;

When You Are Where You Are… Be There

Not too long ago I was on vacation in Cancun Mexico with my beautiful wife, and I could not help but notice what was going on around me. Everywhere I looked I saw selfie sticks and duck lips! Seriously, there were more selfie sticks in view then I’ve ever seen at Walmart! It was a ridiculous fascination with self-promoting portraits, the whole “Woo hoo, look at me!” and where I am and you’re not syndrome. I call it a syndrome because it is. There’s nothing wrong with taking a picture on vacation, but forgetting where you are in the name of vanity is my point. When you are where you are, be there! Focus on the reason you’re there, which in my case was to spend time with my wife and recharge the batteries.

Step Number Two;

Be Responsible

This is probably the most important step out of all of them. A simple roundabout definition of responsibility is if you don’t do it, somebody else is going to have to do it for you! Becoming an eager learner requires that you embody responsibility! Why? Because if you don’t pick a direction, one’s going to get picked for you. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “By not making a choice you have still made a choice.” There are just too many distractions to sit on your laurels and expect success to fall in your lap. If you choose not to become a purposeful, and eager learner then you will get led astray and go down a road that has been chosen for you instead of one you’ve chosen yourself. In this case “going with the flow” is not a desirable thing.

Step Number Three;

Live With a Small Box

What I mean by this is live with a small box when it comes to accepting excuses. Yes, it is true, we all have excuses. It’s part of the game and human nature. The idea however, is to minimize them and keep them in-check so that they don’t become an active contingency in our life. What you don’t want is for your excuses to multiply and then all of a sudden you need a bigger box! The less excuses you allow in, the more room you have for opportunities.

Step Number Four;

Answer Questions in a Positive Conversation Building Manner

How you answer a question tells me everything. Let me give you an example.

Asking for help is a sign of……?

Weakness? Did you say weakness? Hopefully that wasn’t your answer. Because that would give me a lot of insight into your line of reasoning. It would insinuate that you feel you have all the answers. It could also insinuate that you have insecurity issues, problems with narcissism, both of which aren’t very attractive personality traits. This would not lead to an upbuilding conversation. What would be the better way to answer this question?

What about this.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength! If you want to be an eager learner, you have to reach out. It’s the ole “ask and you shall receive” mantra.

Learning how to answer a question in a manner that conveys optimism, an answer that is uplifting and encouraging, can stimulate knowledge building conversation.

Step Number Five;

Have a Thought out Study Plan

What are you studying right now? What are you purposely learning that will improve your life? If you don’t have an answer you’re not an eager learner. It’s ok to take some time off, recharge the batteries so to speak, just not for a year!

Have a plan!

You will never get ahead going to a job, putting your 8 hours in, and going home to catch the latest episode of Devious Maids. Give your time to your employer, and then give some time each night to yourself, studying something that can benefit you. Study something you enjoy, because there’s an old saying;

If you do something you love long enough, eventually somebody will pay you for it!

If you can apply these five steps, and make them a focus, then you will be well on your way to becoming an attentive, eager learner.

We all learn in different ways, but there are some common denominators. There’s what we learn by accident and through everyday experiences, and there’s what we learn on purpose and by design. The idea is to combine the two and create an individual that is in position to take advantage of opportunities when they reveal themselves. This gives you the ability to not only fulfill your own life ambitions, but to also reach out and help others in a positive manner. When you grow as a person, all things get better, not only for yourself, but for all those around you as well. This is what becoming an eager learner can do! This is what the power of knowledge brings to the table! Without making a conscious effort to accelerate our growth individually, we all become nothing more than broken empty vessels. The easier you choose to be on yourself when nobody is around, the harder life becomes! The harder you choose to be on yourself when nobody is around, the easier life gets!

My mission is to reward you with the life you deserve by giving you the tools and education you need to make that happen! We are all in this thing called life together and we all want to see the same thing. We all want to be better more productive people, live in a better country with like-minded goal oriented individuals, and most importantly, make the people around us better.

Never stop being an eager learner!