Jaks Olsen

Jenson Refrigeration

"Describing our success story with the amazing Bryan Dodge and the entire Dodge Development in a short testimonial isn’t sufficient enough. They are amazing. We began our journey working with Bryan in January 2015 after listening to him at the Key Largo CFESA conference. Although our contract has ended, the support, education, and training we received hasn’t stopped.

Bryan and his team was able to change the entire company’s (especially management’s) mindset about business, family, and life in general. Our company was on a good path, and the Dodge Development team was able to put us on a much better path that aligned current actions to our future goals. The company culture went from good to great and everyone feels the difference they helped us bring. As Bryan always says, “bring energy home” and that is exactly what he did. He brought a contagious energy and excitement that has stayed with our entire organization."