The Good Life Challenge


Steps To Completing Your Dream Lifestyle

To properly set your goals, takes time. You will need to invest some time each day for the next 48 hours.

Once you take these steps and set your first goals, you will know how to set all goals and then you will begin to five life to your dreams. By following the five steps will change your life!

Step 1

List everything you ever dreamed of having. These should be big, small, short-term and long-term goals! Be extremely specific! Do not say, “I would like to have”. Some should be ongoing, but all should be specific.

Step 2

Read what you have written down. Then ask yourself, “is this really my goal”?

Step 3

Transfer your most important goals and dreams, from the previous page, according to the category. Now write down why you must...


"The Key Of Change"

"Disgust and resolve are two of the great emotions that lead to change."

The fundamental rule; Be willing to change

1. Find your most important "NO"

Start by picking the things you most want to eliminate from your life and make it number one on that new list.

2. Draw a home/work line

Pick a landmark near your house that works as the dividing line between work and home.

3. Get an honest assessment

Ask the person closest to you aside from a spouse or child - somebody who doesn't live with you - to give you a pull no punches personal critique. Make it clear that you want to know what things in your life you're really great at and which things could use some improvement. Some of it may be painful, but it will hopefully give you some fresh prospective.

4. Pick a replacement addiction

We all have bad habits....


"Key of Making a Choice"

"Nothing really happens until you make a choice, Right or Wrong is better than no choice at all"

The Willingness to learn

1. Go to a bookstore

Buy a magazine you've never read before. It should be about a subject that interests you, but completely outside of your business or current hobbies. Surprise your brain for less than 5 bucks.

2. Substitute a book on tape

Use your commute time to learn instead of listen to the radio.

3. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier

Commit 15 minutes of that time for reading.

4. Make a list

You'll be learning interesting things as you read. Write those things down.

5. Pick something fun and active to learn

You'll be learning interesting things as you read. Write those things down.


"Key of Love"

"What you feel in your heart you must act upon. It is the window of truth"

Get to the Why in life: The EAT Plan

1. Make your own Why lists: one for home and one for work.

Pick the most powerful inspirations, and limit them to three for each list.

2. Live the "On its time" rule strictly for the next two days.

When you're confronted with a situation that needs resolution, commit to addressing it and resolving it as quickly as possible.

3. Engage in a healthy debate about something that has been nagging at you.

If you aren't used to dealing with confrontation, it will be uncomfortable. But the only way to develop the thick skin you're going to need for it, is to start small.

4. Write down the contact information of one person you haven't kept in touch with the way you would like.

Commit to reaching out...


"Key of Diminishing Intent"

"What you don't act on within a 48 hour window you will lose it"

The Diminishing Intent Key: Getting to Why

1. Commit to acting on the next thing that comes to your head - from your heart.

Excuses are easy to come up with. Don't fall into that trap. And don't get intimidated if the thing that comes to you is big and complicated. You don't have to have it completely resolved in forty-eight hours. You need to take action and get on the road to resolving it.

2. Slow down.

When the thought comes to you, take time to recognize it for what it is. Turn off the noise. Just by taking this step, you'll become so much better at understanding the relative importance of things.

3. Write it down.

Putting your action statement on paper is a way of showing true commitment to it. It makes it real. A goal is only a wish until you write it down,...


"The Key Of Action"

"The more you take on based on activities, the more efficient you become."

Choosing to be faithful

1. Don't say you're committed; show it.

It's easy to promise your child that you'll be at the soccer game on Monday. Don't promise. Go. Instead of pledging to your boss that you'll grow the business. Do it.

2. Apologize.

Pick a person important to you who deserves a "sorry," and make that happen. We've all been unfaithful to a degree. Take this forty-eight hours to make something right.

3. Make two lists.

One, a list of things to which you've been committed, and another, a list of things to which you haven't been faithful. The items of the list can pertain to your financial life, your physical well-being, or anything else that you think is important. This isn't necessarily about "sins." It's about committing to...


"Key of Discipline"

"The least lack of discipline starts to crowd our self-esteem. Discipline has within it the potential for creating future miracles."

Create new habits

1. Start by making a list with two columns - one for the things you're doing well in life, and the other for the things you'd like to improve on.

The goal isn't to make these a comprehensive catalog. Concentrate on the half dozen or so items that are really important to you.

2. Pick on thing from the "improve" list and resolve that you're going to stop it (or change it) within forty-eight hours.

You're welcome to haggle yourself about which item to choose, but you have to pick one thing to change.

3. Write down your list of goals, then take the list and have it laminated in a wallet or pocket size.

The most effective lists have your goals on them, the "no" list from rule 1 and...


"Key of Leadership"

"The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude,

be kind but not weak, be bold but not bully,

be thoughtful but not lazy, be humble but not timid,

be proud but not arrogant: Keep humor as key."

Sharing knowledge - Be a leader

1. Write down two things you haven't taken charge of in your life and commit to acting on them.

It could be transferring the balance on a high interest credit card, or having a conversation with your child about homework skills. What-ever the things you choose, commit to talking action within two days.

2. Choose to look both ways.

When you're presented with a challenge, commit to carefully examining the issue from both sides. Even if you don't end up agreeing with the other person's position, you'll gain perspective about how they think, and show them that you're listening.

3. ...


"Key of Lifestyle"

"You must design your own lifestyle. Great lifestyles

happen because the person planned it that way."

Streamlining your life

1. Commit to not leaving your office without writing down what you are going to do the next day.

This does two things; it helps set your priorities and focus for the next day, and it provides separation. When you write the list, put it down and leave it to the next day with the security of knowing you don't have to remember or obsess over it. Your list will be waiting.

2. Make a list of priorities in your life - in order - and place them where you can see them for the next two mornings.

On the second day, write a number grade (on a scale of 1-10) next to each priority, summing up how well you're doing accomplishing it. Then, ask the person closest to you to take the same list and mark a grade for each of your priorities.

3. ...