8 Month Program Overview

Steps To Completing Your Dream Lifestyle

To properly set your goals, takes time. You will need to invest some time each day for the next 48 hours.

Once you take these steps and set your first goals, you will know how to set all goals and then you will begin to five life to your dreams. By following the five steps will change your life!

Step 1

List everything you ever dreamed of having. These should be big, small, short-term and long-term goals! Be extremely specific! Do not say, “I would like to have”. Some should be ongoing, but all should be specific.

Step 2

Read what you have written down. Then ask yourself, “is this really my goal”?

Step 3

Transfer your most important goals and dreams, from the previous page, according to the category. Now write down why you must achieve this. If you can’t write down one sentence why you want to achieve this goal, then it is truly not a real goal. Cross it off your list!

Step 4

Transfer these goals to the following pages where you will be placing pictures of these goals.

Step 5

Post pictures of your goals and dreams! Any picture you can include yourself or your family in will work best.

8 keys to being your best at work and at play

Rule 1

The Fundamental Rule: Be Willing To Change

Recognizing the need to adapt to what is going on around you. Nothing changes until you change. Once you change, everything changes.

Rule 2

The Willingness To Learn

A step-by-step guide to expanding your knowledge base. Nothing new in, nothing new out.

Rule 3

Getting To The Why In Life: The EAT Plan

Training yourself to see new opportunities and understanding how to find the inspiration behind them.

Rule 4

The Diminishing Intent Key To Why

Learning to act decisively on the important things. Those who focus on the how in life always end up working for those who focus on the why.

Rule 5

Choosing To Be Faithful

Appreciate what you have before you lose it. Good people appreciate what they have before they lose it. Average people only appreciate those good things once they're gone.

Rule 6

Creating New Habits

Breaking the cycle of bad habits and replacing them with good ones. We're not looking for New Year's resolutions. We're looking for a new way of living.

Rule 7

Sharing Knowledge

Becoming an effective leader in your life. Don't think you're a leader? You are if somebody's relying on you.

Rule 8

Streamlining Your Life

Learning how to say no. You can't grow in life until you learn to say no.

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