Month 1

"The Key Of Change"

"Disgust and resolve are two of the great emotions that lead to change."

The fundamental rule; Be willing to change

1. Find your most important "NO"

Start by picking the things you most want to eliminate from your life and make it number one on that new list.

2. Draw a home/work line

Pick a landmark near your house that works as the dividing line between work and home.

3. Get an honest assessment

Ask the person closest to you aside from a spouse or child - somebody who doesn't live with you - to give you a pull no punches personal critique. Make it clear that you want to know what things in your life you're really great at and which things could use some improvement. Some of it may be painful, but it will hopefully give you some fresh prospective.

4. Pick a replacement addiction

We all have bad habits. People automatically come with addictive personalities. Start small. Within forty-eight hours pick a small habit pick a small habit you want to break and find a replacement activity for it.