Month 3

"Key of Love"

"What you feel in your heart you must act upon. It is the window of truth"

Get to the Why in life: The EAT Plan

1. Make your own Why lists: one for home and one for work.

Pick the most powerful inspirations, and limit them to three for each list.

2. Live the "On its time" rule strictly for the next two days.

When you're confronted with a situation that needs resolution, commit to addressing it and resolving it as quickly as possible.

3. Engage in a healthy debate about something that has been nagging at you.

If you aren't used to dealing with confrontation, it will be uncomfortable. But the only way to develop the thick skin you're going to need for it, is to start small.

4. Write down the contact information of one person you haven't kept in touch with the way you would like.

Commit to reaching out to that person within the next 48-hours.