Month 5

"The Key Of Action"

"The more you take on based on activities, the more efficient you become."

Choosing to be faithful

1. Don't say you're committed; show it.

It's easy to promise your child that you'll be at the soccer game on Monday. Don't promise. Go. Instead of pledging to your boss that you'll grow the business. Do it.

2. Apologize.

Pick a person important to you who deserves a "sorry," and make that happen. We've all been unfaithful to a degree. Take this forty-eight hours to make something right.

3. Make two lists.

One, a list of things to which you've been committed, and another, a list of things to which you haven't been faithful. The items of the list can pertain to your financial life, your physical well-being, or anything else that you think is important. This isn't necessarily about "sins." It's about committing to running your life better.

4. Only promise what you can deliver.

You'll stop promising so much, and your life will be much better because of it. When you over promise, you have to carry that with you when you can't deliver, and it weighs on you. That regret is bad for you, and it keeps you from having the Good Life.

5. Spend time with people who are faithful

Write down the names of three people who are the type of solid friends you'd like to be. Make them a priority when it comes to your time each week.