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The Dodge Development coaching program is designed to bring out your best, and elevate your life journey to a level you’ve never imagined before! Our exclusive process is unique, and uses a system of pre-designed modules that you choose, and that covers all aspects of personal and professional evolution! We promise that you will experience a profound difference in how you manage your health, your work, your home life, and how all three can work in complete harmony! Furthermore, our programs are designed to enhance your interpersonal relationships, instill personal accountability, and set workable, achievable goals that lead to a better you!

Most people today face all kinds of challenges and at all levels of their life. Everything from balancing home and work to not having enough time in the day to do either. Managers face the challenges of handling a heavy workload with the burden of keeping their people engaged and motivated. Team members face the same increased workload and the pressure to deliver results sooner, leading to a sense of being overwhelmed and underappreciated. All of this can create intense stress that not only affects your performance, but carries over to your home life, which by the way has its own set of challenges!

Obviously, this can snowball and get out of control really fast!

The next thing you know, responsibilities are slipping through the cracks, and an “I don’t care” attitude begins to develop. You find yourself complacent which starts to affect everything, how you handle criticism, how you handle daily challenges, even how you talk to you wife and kids!

This is where an intervention is needed.

Think about this; Think about being able to approach your day in a whole new way, a way that gives you complete control. If you were able to rise above all your day to day challenges and not only handle your current situation with ease, but actually improve upon it to the tenth degree, what would be the result?

I’ll tell you.

Your employer would notice the change and be impressed with the way you delegate and execute your responsibilities. They would notice how much more motivated and happy your team members are. Not only would your career take off, but your family life would benefit tremendously! You’d actually have more time to interact with family and be a better husband or better wife. Losing sleep because of stress would be a thing of the past and you’d be able to do so without mulling over the insane amount of work on your plate the next day.

Your renewed attitude would rub off on all those around you, and that positive energy is what brings out the best in people!

If this sounds appealing, then take a look at some of our clients that have benefited and seen big transformations from Dodge Development’s Coaching/Consulting Programs.

When I made the choice to hire Bryan and his consulting team I had very high expectations but even I didn’t make it high enough. Not only have they brought a 100 year old family business back together as a family but has helped allowed those that have made this company what it is today to be rewarded. Our company continues to grow beyond even my expectations.

Robert Edmonds

Sam Rust Seafood

I have worked with Bryan on and off for the past 7 years. I was fortunate enough to work with Bryan as my executive coach for a year and have brought him in to speak to my staff on three different occasions.

There are three things that standout to me as I think about my executive coaching sessions with Bryan:

1) He brings energy to every meeting, he is always prepared to challenge you to think differently and to grow as a person both personally and professionally. 2)He takes time to understand you as a person and your situation, the meetings are on point to your challenge and opportunities. 3) Bryan truly cares about the people is he is coaching, over time it becomes more like talking to a good friend that has known you for a long time and wants to help in any way they can.

My time with Bryan has been truly valuable to me in both my personal life and my professional life. I find myself constantly saying “What would Bryan tell me right now?”, or drawing on our discussions during challenging times as well as opportunities. After he has visited our company to speak, I have had numerous people thank me the next day and call the opportunity to hear Bryan speak as life changing.

Toby Kommer

Haga Kommer, Ltd.

In 2016 Bryan Dodge was instrumental in driving our company to a higher level. His coaching helped me to be a better leader and stronger in sales. With his help I am a confident and successful business woman

Summer Gould


This is about investing in yourself. This is about making a commitment to improve your life on all levels! Our promise is also a commitment, and that is to work with you on a personal level, show you a path to greatness, and uncover your hidden potential. Join the movement to a better you, and start living your life the way you pictured it instead of the way you see it. Let us help you embrace proactive principals designed for longevity and that turn your life in to something you could only imagine! At Dodge Development, we walk the talk and will put a personalized plan in place that is all about you, all about developing what you already had and what you might not have found yet! We guarantee that when you graduate from your program here at Dodge Development, you’ll take away a renewed sense of direction, a sustainable plan of action, and all the tools you need to rise to a whole different level!

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Remember procrastination leads to inaction! Nothing changes until you change!

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