Want to promote your pre-recorded webinar, or set up a responsive email campaign? We’ll write the copy, set it up, and take care of all the details. Looking to breathe some life into your flat-lining direct mail campaigns? We’ll take a look at your control piece and retool your offering—giving you renewed results, and new business prospects

Dodge Development’s marketing and copywriting services are all handled by the Director of Business Development, David Williams. David has a long-history of sales and marketing success and is especially adapted to the art of  eloquent correspondence. That is, improving all communication with the public, whether it’s messaging and branding, or persuasive writing designed to attract business. Some of these applications include;

· Refresh your website with new creative copy

· Write your employee or technical manuals,

· Email campaigns, sales letters, meeting presentations, or white papers

· Direct mail campaigns, articles, advertorials, press releases etc.

Your business is only as good as how it’s presented to prospects, and you must be clear about what you do, and how you stand out from the competition. David is an expert at persuasive writing, and he has a belief that every piece of copy you put out there needs to be selling your image, brand, and what you can do for the customer!

David also co-wrote Bryan Dodge’s latest book, “The Principles of an Unstoppable Family Business”. He is also an active member of the ASJA (American Society of Journalist and Authors)


Mary Vinnedge

Success Magazine

“I’ve always found David to be both personable and professional. We worked together at a publication where ad sales were very difficult to accomplish, and yet he was very productive, selling several full-page ads every issue. We worked together very amicably and collaboratively.”

“David is a professional and gets the job done! He’s a great asset to our team. A skilled salesman and writer that gets results. As editor of SUCCESS magazine, I always appreciated his insights into advertising and promotional copy.”

Lisa Ocker

Success Magazine

Steve Norton

SFN Business Coaching

“David Williams delivers! I have known David for seven years, four of which, he reported to me at SUCCESS Magazine. He has a solid work ethic as well as well-developed creative sense of how to communicate with different audiences. I would place communication skills, both verbal and written as his key strength”.

Dodge Development