Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Donna Cooper
Executive Coaching
Jenson Refrigeration
Business Consulting
Jenson Refrigeration
Business Consulting
Sam Rust Seafood
Business Consulting
Bill Stayduhar
Executive Coaching
Karen Koii
Executive Coaching
Vincent Tracy
Executive Coaching

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I write this today with a heavy heart for Bryan and his team dodge development. We are service company with... read more

Justin Jenson Avatar
Justin Jenson

Incredible team. I've known Bryan for 25 years. The Best!

Steve Moreland Avatar
Steve Moreland

Bryan is a gifted speaker, mentor and coach that will help you reach the next level with intention. If you... read more

Ryan Smith Avatar
Ryan Smith

The Dodge Development Team is, in a word, PHENOMENAL!!! I cannot express how much of a positive impact they... read more

Robbie Taylor Avatar
Robbie Taylor

Have had Bryan speak to the company several times, and in two different companies I have been with. ... read more

Toby Kommer Avatar
Toby Kommer

We were helped by Bryan and his team in fundamental changes in our organizations' culture and structure which was key... read more

Scott Hester Avatar
Scott Hester

Brian is fantastic and he makes a friend for life. When I owned my company I used Brian's team to... read more

Gary Potvin Avatar
Gary Potvin

All business owners need an outside perspective at times. So, who do you choose? Choose someone who is always prepared,... read more

Bill Knight Avatar
Bill Knight

Bryan has helped me become a much better leader in my surgery practice and helped me grow my business in... read more

Taite Anderson Avatar
Taite Anderson

Where to begin?
Bryan and his team are too notch! They just get it! Aside from helping my company, they’ve helped...
read more

Alex Haddad Avatar
Alex Haddad

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Leadership & Legacy program in the Fall of 2019. Simply put,... read more

Bill Derrick Avatar
Bill Derrick

Brian and his team are top notch. His passion and professionalism is contagious. Helped us more than we could have... read more

John S Avatar
John S

Phenomenal, remarkable, accommodating, caring, motivating and available, are just a few adjectives that describe Bryan Dodge and his team. I... read more

Vincent Tracy Avatar
Vincent Tracy

Absolutely outstanding coaching services offered at Dodge Development!!! Bryan worked with with me and our team back in 2012. We... read more

Mike M Avatar
Mike M

Dodge Development helped transform my organization and help take it to the next level. Bryan Dodge never overpromised and... read more

Christopher Heina Avatar
Christopher Heina

Bryan and his group are rare to find. The attention they give to your team no matter what the question... read more

Joe Gall Avatar
Joe Gall

Bryan and his entire staff are great communicators...very professional in all of my dealings with them.

The width and depth of...
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Alpha & Omega Restaurant Equipment Repair Avatar
Alpha & Omega Restaurant Equipment Repair

Additional Testimonials

Jaks Olsen

Jenson Refrigeration

Describing our success story with the amazing Bryan Dodge and the entire Dodge Development in a short testimonial isn’t sufficient enough. They are amazing. We began our journey working with Bryan in January 2015 after listening to him at the Key Largo CFESA conference. Although our contract has ended, the support, education, and training we received hasn’t stopped. Bryan and his team was able to change the entire company’s (especially management’s) mindset about business, family, and life in general. Our company was on a good path, and the Dodge Development team was able to put us on a much better path that aligned current actions to our future goals. The company culture went from good to great and everyone feels the difference they helped us bring. As Bryan always says, “bring energy home” and that is exactly what he did. He brought a contagious energy and excitement that has stayed with our entire organization.  

Bill Mott

Taku Engineering

I hired Bryan Dodge and his amazing team to help my company become more diversified due to the unexpected loss of one account that accounted for 95% of my business. I thought I would have to lay off people. Within one year, my company has doubled and we have added people. Instead of layoffs I got to give out bonuses! 

Michael Milanese

Aboriginal Link

We hired the Dodge Development consulting team and within one year using the advanced system of communication we have doubled in volume and in profit, and for the first time in 17 years I was able to take a week vacation and return to less problems and more company grow that happen while I was on vacation 

Brandon Hilyer


“I would recommend Bryan to other small businessmen and women. Bryan’s family-first approach creates strong relationships that allow my business and family to prosper. I’m glad to say that as we have put people first our business and our employees are growing.”

Robert Edmonds

Sam Rust Seafood

“When I made the choice to hire Bryan and his consulting team I had very high expectations but even I didn’t make it high enough. Not only have they brought a 100 year old family business back together as a family but has helped allowed those that have made this company what it is today to be rewarded. Our company continues to grow beyond even my expectations.”